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VIP Plan

Our Dental VIP plan provides amazing services at manageable prices to patients without insurance. Our financial plan makes it possible for all our patients to receive the expert care they need to keep smiling. Read on to learn more about our VIP Plan and its benefits.

Exceptional dental care you can afford

At Complete Family Dentistry, we believe everyone has the right to professional-quality dental care, regardless of whether they are insured. In many cases, being uninsured makes it significantly harder for patients to receive standard, necessary dental procedures at a fair price. Our dental care providers have committed themselves to making services affordable to all our patients. Through our Dental VIP Plan, we offer a customizable finance plan to ensure you receive a year of incredible services without breaking the bank. From routine dental cleaning to emergency appointments, our VIP Plan offers you a comprehensive yearly dental plan for an affordable annual payment of only $180. (Note: These prices are only for patients without insurance. Prices cannot be combined with other discounts.)

Services and benefits in our unique VIP Plan include:

  • Full set of 18 digital X-rays
  • Two cleanings per year (if there is no presence of gum disease)
  • No emergency consultation fee
  • 25% discount on any in-house dental treatment
  • No waiting period
  • No pre-existing condition limitations

We work with you and your budget

We understand dealing with medical bills can be overwhelming. That’s why we developed the Dental VIP Plan to give our uninsured patients quality, budget-friendly dental care. Through consultations and one-on-one support, the members of our Complete Family Dentistry team work with you throughout the process to provide you with specialty services. No matter your budget or lifestyle, we’ll make sure you receive a plan that works for you. Our number-one goal is to ensure that each of our clients feels respected and cared for. We take pride in bringing affordable and effective dental care to all.

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We use the most effective systems for cosmetic dentistry

  • diagnodent
  • opalescence
  • clearcorrect
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