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Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and effective option for permanently restoring your smile after tooth loss.

The cost of implants may seem high at first but you need to consider what you are getting. Implants are a PERMANENT replacement for your natural teeth.There are several steps which require the skills of highly-trained dentists like Fort Lauderdale Dentists Dr. Moushati. First the implant itself is surgically secured to the jawbone; secondly an abutment is attached which will hold the actual crown. Thirdly a customised crown is created that will fit perfectly and match your other teeth for color and size. The cost of dental implants tends to compare very favorably to other tooth replacement options because dental implants can last so long, even an entire lifetime. Other teeth replacement options may appear to have a lower upfront cost, but you will continue to pay that cost over and over, making them expensive compared to dental implants.

The number of dental implants that you need can also be a factor in the total price of the procedure. If you need more than one implant, the cost will be higher, and Fort Lauderdale Dentists might suggest an alternative option, such as a bridge, that might be more affordable. However, when compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants are highly customized for your teeth and mouth. The result is a much more natural look.

Materials cost also can vary. Your local Fort Lauderdale Dentist, Complete Family Dental, uses the finest materials for the implants themselves and the abutments and the natural looking crown. Everyone has seen people with bad crowns. Oversized, incorrect color, etc. Our Fort Lauderdale Dentists do everything so that YOU are not one of those people. A satisfied patient with a beautiful smile is our goal.

Dental Implants are very affordably priced starting at $1,500 at our local Fort Lauderdale Dental Office. Exact pricing is TBD based on your individual dental implant needs.

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Our Happy Patients

"Dr. M is a caring and kind doctor that truly cares about his patients oral health. My sons actually love going to get their teeth cleaned at least 4 times a year! Indira has a gentle touch even when she does deep scaling treatments."

Tania A. Tania A.

"This office is wonderful!!! It is very clean, and the staff are people who really care about my dental needs. The doctor takes the time to explain in detail the dental work that I've been putting off for years. I got braces and the results were outstanding. I feel very confident about my smile and I have peace of mind that Dr. Moushati will take care of my dental needs with high standards. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is in need of dental care. 5 Stars!!!"

Pedro J. Pedro J.

"Dr. Moushati and team are the best in their field! They care so much about each one of their patients and they listen to exactly what you need. When you go to their office you always know who will be seeing you so you can feel comfortable about going to the dentist! They also have a private pay/insurance plan for their office that is so affordable! I highly recommend!"

Chelsie C. Chelsie C.

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